From the moment we understand that architecture is an artistic discipline, we must deduce the potentially qualified expressiveness it has, as well as the influence it causes in each individual as a whole -mind, body and soul, acting on itself with the sensory experience it brings. Architecture, as few know, is a discipline that gives us the tridimensional capacity to involve and influence each individual, which permits a deep and intense power of action. Sensor art. Multi-dimensional art. Experimental art. It is not only intense, but unrepeatable.

Architecture strengthens the experience of being in-the-world. Each project should be a reflection of the individual, subjective reality. We see architecture as a strange environment which we are immersed, so we can experiment in a sensorial, stimulative, multimodal sense. We reject the reductionism and restriction of each individual experience in the world. We promote a stimulating and human architecture, a sensibility that permits a positive experience in all spaces, substances, place and meaning. The boredom of each individual is losing interest for reality. To exist, completely, is the sincere stimulation of all the senses. We comprehend the creative process as a job where the technical, creative and artistic exercise manifests its connection. We wish to construct a complex cognitive process, that will accompany the day-to-day living corners of architecture, stimulating and enriching. Architecture should be kinesthetic, textural, musmular and tactile.

Each project is a multidimensional and enriching universe. Complex and different. None are the same. Everything is known. A new reality that each individual will interpret freely. We turn down the static intermittent living experience and we claim the experience of living in acontinuum of time. We reject and surrender to all the senses. We expect our architecture to be a complex and intangible combination of each individuals subjective perception. Smells, sounds, textures and temperatures, tensions and equilibrium ,weight, dynamic movement, gravity awarded. Pain and desire, colors, flavours and silent pauses, lights and shadows. Feel. Connect. Exist.


We are a creative, technical, multidiscipline characteristic team in permanent search of new and compromised solutions for the development of different projects of various scales and nature. The key project of our creative process focuses on connecting more deeply, the architecture with the individual, the premise anchor of ideas reaching levels intimately and intensely.

The office has implemented recently a system of developed projects with strategic partners in different areas which permit them to form, enrich and improve each order received. This constant vocation is reinforced through the spirit of investigation, development and persevere.

Arq. Juan Andrés Marín Crosa


Certified architect from the Architectural Faculty of Universidad de la República (UdelaR), with post graduates in Sustainable Architecture by the UdelaR and the University of Rio Grande do Sul, at present is doing a Masters in Construction and Works in Architecture focusing on investigation projects at the University of Architecture UdelaR.

After working as designer and technician in several architectural offices, as of 2005, he has performed as an independent architect, carrying out projects and works in residential areas, clinic-pharmaceutical, trade, industrial and artistic, with various scales including awards, and recognitions in this country as in foreign places.



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